Survival of the Not so Fittest

The blog has collected a little dust in recent days, well, mostly because of this:


Jud and the beans was an intentional act on my part to produce something as earth shattering as dinner.  He wants to help.  And by help I mean stick a fork in the toaster, empty out the utensil drawer, and unroll a box of parchment paper.  So I made him a little set up- the good ole bean transfer trick- out of one bowl and into another with gun in hand.  Notice the random slice of bacon on the counter.  That is a snack he must be saving for later.  On the menu for this particular evening was breakfast for dinner, because it is easy and everyone is pleased.  And my #2 goal at dinnertime is to minimize the whining to a whisper.  My #1 goal is to get everyone fed and the kids to bed by 8:00.  5:00-8:00 is a sprint around the Fleming household, but we eventually get there.

Look at these wackadoos.  The Gallatin Public Library just doesn’t know what to do with us…


Some days it does feel like we are just surviving- getting through one obstacle, challenge, or stressor only to meet another.  And this is not restricted to motherhood- this is a fact of life!  It is easy to feel burdened down and weary.  I am thankful that God does not call the perfect to Himself, but that He calls the broken.  Psalm 46:1 declares, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” 

GOD– We start here with the one who made the earth, moon, stars, and galaxies beyond comprehension.

GOD IS– He is not GOD “was” or GOD “maybe” but GOD IS.  Holy Week reminds us of this powerful truth…the grave is still empty.

GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH– The maker of the universe reaches down to us as our holy shelter and source for power, which was made possible through Christ.

GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE– Not only is God here, but He cares for our every need.  He is intimately acquainted with all our ways.

The Psalm continues in riveting poetic imagery of earthquakes and tsunamis with a confident assurance that we will not fear.  Why?  Because “the Lord of Hosts is with us.”

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns” (Verse 5).

Moms, do you sense God in your midst?  Are there days when it feels like the earth is about to give way?  Do you wake up some mornings with a sigh uneager to face the day?  God will help you.  Not only that He wants to, but only he CAN.  We think that method, system, plan, or gadget will do it for us, but the true help we need is only found in Him.  Because when God is in you, you are immovable.  You are powerful, because the God of Jacob is your fortress.  The enemy’s lies will come, just know they will and discern them from the truth.  Want to know what is true?  Seek God in His Word and believe His Word.  And face the stress, challenges, and obstacles knowing God is in your midst.  You can do this.  You were called to this- cultivating life in your homes.  God is not a formula, and He doesn’t make one particular type of mom or parenting style.  Just trust Him as He leads you to do what is best- His best- for your families and ultimately, for His glory.  We are not merely surviving (though it often feels like it).  We are just planting seeds.  God, in His timing, will make them grow.



2 thoughts on “Survival of the Not so Fittest

  1. Jenna, what a beautiful reminder to depend on HIM and not the gadgets, plans, or my own ability. And I love this: “I am thankful that God does not call the perfect to Himself, but that He calls the broken.” When we are weak, He is strong! Thank you, friend!


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