The Finished Work in Motherhood


The weight that bears heavy most on moms of all sorts is this feeling like so much is left undone.  Sure there are the endless tasks to be completed, but then there are also relationships to nurture, personal goals to reach, and the like.  For those of us who feel like we have to hold it all together, and something fails or is unfinished in some way then the guilt sets in.  If only we had_____(fill in the blank).  It is our fault this or that did not get done, or this or that person is not pleased, or our marriage is struggling.  We could have done better.  We could have prevented this.

I don’t know.  Maybe we allow the pressure, or expect it in some way.  But if everything really depends on us- on us showing up, showing out, and getting “it” done- it all done, then someone will need to redefine what “it” is, because it all just ain’t gonna get done!  The guilt weighs heavy, and it is completely unnecessary and unmerited.  We own too much and try to be Jesus for everything and everybody, when Jesus is the only and best Jesus.

Even Jesus Himself did not heal everybody (and He could have), or visit everybody, or have lengthy conversations with everybody.  From what we know His most intimate talks were with twelve unlikely men who went on to share and record those conversations in what we now have as the New Testament.  He had one mission and everything he did in His earthly life centered around that one mission- to lead sinners to the cross where He would suffer and die in their place.  And when He did that- when He endured the cross and scorned its shame- He said, “It is finished.”  What was true then, is true now, and will ever be is contained in those three words.

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So, when it feels like so much is undone, and the mom-guilt sets in, instead of saying, “It is my fault,” we can say, “It is finished.”  When we fail with projects and with people, and the enemy tries to condemn us, we say, “It is finished.”  When we feel pressure to perform- to appear like we have it all together when we are tired and worn, we say, “It is finished.”  Because the power of the cross is not only for the past and the future, but it is for today.  And it is for us every. single. day.  

When we exalt Jesus for who He is in our lives and in our homes, then the important work will get done- like loving others.  The other stuff may or may not get done on time, if at all, but in the grand scheme of God’s economy it probably doesn’t matter a hill of beans anyway.  We have to trust that it is all really going to be okay.  We’re going to be okay.  It may be hard, painful even, but when we rest in Christ’s finished work, we can rest in ours.


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