My Five Favorites 1.16

Every once in awhile I like to post fun finds, interesting links, books, movies, new discoveries, or recent enjoyments to the blog.  I usually tagged miscellaneous stuff like this at the end of my “Weekend Wrap-Up” posts, but some things need to be shared on any given day, and what better day to share some simple pleasures than Monday?  Right?!


So, for now I am calling this “My Five Favorites.”  I am limiting myself to share five things that I am favoring right now.  These can be silly, inspirational, recreational, educational, edible, anything goes. Here are my five favorites as of late…


My Five Favorites

  1.  The Crown.  Yes I am on that bandwagon and I don’t think I am getting off anytime soon.  The kids are in bed.  The lights are low.  A cup of tea in hand.  And it is me and the Queen.  Such a good show!
  2. Micron Pens.  I originally bought these back in the summer for the girls to use for nature journaling, but I began to use them just as much as they did.  I am not an artist, but I do enjoy writing- not just the process of writing, but the actual physical act of writing.  Dorky, but true.  I also draw some in my journals and with the girls during nature study.  Anyway, these pens come in a pack with different line widths allowing smooth lettering and writing.  Love!
  3. The Commons: On Building Sturdy Children.  This podcast is so rich with biblical wisdom and insights into the culture of parenting today.  Brian Phillips of CIRCE interviews Dr. Keith McCurdy from Total Life Counseling who makes the point that parents need to build sturdy children- people of character, who do not shirk from responsibility, and who learn what it means to do what is necessary not what is desired.  Here is an overall description of this outstanding interview: “Topics include our culture’s over-consideration of emotion, what it means to be sturdy, expectations and responsibilities, increased rates of anxiety in our children, dealing with teenagers, the influence of technology on kids, and how to help kids be contributing members of a family.” I came away with a renewed sense of purpose- to really consider what my children are capable of and if I am expecting enough of them, to train my children to discipline the will and order their affections properly, and to sit down with Travis and discuss our family culture and who we are as a family, namely, what are our expectations, boundaries, and values.  This podcast is worth the time and attention- have a notebook handy!
  4. Simple Green Smoothie.  There are a million and one smoothie recipes.  My simple green smoothie is just as it sounds, and the kids drink them with me.  Lately, I’ve been grabbing the big bags of Kale from Aldi, but you can use spinach also.  I toss in about 2 cups of Kale, 10-12 ounces of frozen berries, a banana, 2-4 tablespoons of yogurt (I use a little bit of plain and a little bit of vanilla yogurt for sweetness), throw it all into a blender, and blend away.  I don’t add honey or sugar, and this smoothie is sweet as is.
  5. The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the PsalmsI’m reading through this devotional this year, and already I am being blessed by Tim and Kathy Keller’s concise insights from the Psalms.  I love how it gives the text beginning with Psalm 1 and continuing through each day with a short devotional thought followed by a prayer based on the day’s reading.  I look forward to cracking this open every morning!

Those are five for now.  A bonus fave for me is the spring-like conditions we are having lately in Middle Tennessee.  It rains off and on, but the temperatures have been warm enough to send the kids outside between the showers.  The kids have been outside almost every day this week.  And everyone says, “Amen!”  Hard to believe that just a little over a week ago our street looked like this


Wherever you are and whatever the weather- be blessed today!


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