November News: On Being Well, Being Thankful, and Being Out of Control



It is unseasonably warm and dry here in Middle Tennessee.  This contradictory weather deceives us to believe that it really is, in fact, November.  The Halloween candy is carefully hidden away up high from little fingers, and despite the summer-like conditions autumn moves on as leaves fall and collect on browning lawns.  I threw away our rotting jack-o-lantern this morning glad to have beaten the garbage truck to our can.  Our mums are lasting, but barely.  Kara watered them this morning, eager to dampen their dry soil.  I still crave honey crisp apples even as I consume at least one a day.  Unfortunately, as the adage goes, though we kept “the doctor away” we were unable to keep the stomach virus away.  Everyone in our home in some shape or fashion was met by its curse, but I was healthy enough to tend to the afflicted with the help of Jesus and  Bragg’s apple cider vinegar.  I drank about half a bottle over the course of about five days.  The stuff is nasty.  But, so is the stomach virus, and I guess you could say I chose my poison.

Watching my kids suffer even for a short amount of time leaves me feeling utterly helpless.  Telling them that “Your body has to fight this off.  Sorry baby.” gives little comfort to them or me.  So, with prayer, Zofran, rest, and time, they got eventually got well with my sweet Analise fighting the virus the longest of about a week.  We had to make some adjustments to our schedule.  We had Analise’s birthday party planned for this weekend, but we moved it to next weekend so that the kids could regain strength and to make sure that the virus was out of our house.

This pretty much sums up how we feel about last week.  Artwork by Kara called, “Pacman Ghosts, or Why the Stomach Bug is the Pits”:


Worth a Try

Want to know what to do with all of that leftover candy?  Make these:

Monster Cookies

You’re welcome, and I am sorry.

Since Kara was two, we have enjoyed the Thanksgiving Tree tradition.  We take a moment each night in November to read a Scripture verse and then let everyone share something they are thankful for.  It is a sweet tradition that I hope we will continue in practice throughout the year, giving thanks for our great God and for what He has done for us.  You can download the printables and read more on the Thanksgiving Tree here:

The Thanksgiving Tree (by Ann Voskamp) 

‘Tis the Season for Christmas music!  Here are some new albums I’m looking forward to listening to this year…

She and Him- Christmas Party

Christy Nockels- The Thrill of Hope

Lauren Daigle- Behold

I think my Christmas playlist is the longest of my playlists, I’m pretty sure.  I wait until Thanksgiving week to run it, though.  I am just not ready for Christmas music yet, what with the short-sleeved, sandal wearing weather we are having.

Oh and this.  This is how they decided to spend their first day of wellness.  Sprinkler, bathing suits, spray bottles.  Good fun. Date: November 1st.



I am reading a ton of books right now, but one is standing out the most for me.  It is Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul by Hannah Anderson.  I think everyone should read this.  It is thought-provoking, gently corrective, poetic, and theologically engaging.  And it is what I need to read right now with demands from within and without, both real and imagined.  I think every day I need to be reminded that Jesus is here in my mess, that He cares, and that His expectations of me are far less the expectations I have of myself.  Not because He thinks so little of me, but because He delights in me as a child.  Here is a an excerpt of Humble Roots:

And suddenly you come face to face with your limitations.  Suddenly you realize how little you control your life.  Suddenly you begin to understand why you feel like you’re withering on the vine- why you feel weak and wilting and unable to produce lasting fruit.

But Jesus doesn’t leave it there.  Instead, he draws attention to the natural world, the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.  He tells us to learn what they already know, to enter into the peace of wild things.  He calls us outside our current perception of reality to remember who really cares for us.”  pg. 27


I’ll end with an example…

So I made my Kroger Clicklist order yesterday to be picked up between 11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. this morning.  I arrived today, ready for the nice Kroger people to load up the minivan when the lady on the other end of the speaker told me that there was not an order placed for me.  Puzzled, I quickly opened my Kroger app knowing distinctly that I placed a fairly large order for a week’s worth of groceries.  I had my coupons in hand.  I saw on my app that my cart was in fact, full.  An order had been placed….but it wasn’t submitted.  I failed to “click” the “Clicklist”.  Geh…only me.  Well, guess where I am headed this afternoon?  You got it…Kroger.  Once again, I am not as in control of life as much as I would like to think.  Groceries.  Stomach flu.  The fall weather.  None of it.  But, there is one who is in control.  And I am thankful this season, and in every season, that He is.



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