Rhythm and Adjustments

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In work and in life there are always adjustments to be made.  We begin with a system that suits the particular needs of whatever we are setting out to do whether that be a project for school or maintaining our yard at home.  When the system works for some time we fall into a comfortable rhythm and everything is easy breezy.  But when the system fails or certain elements change, then adjustments will have to be made if we are to reach our goals.

Motherhood is like this.  We set boundaries, discipline our littles to learn to obey, and develop routines.  As children grow however, parenting becomes a little more complex than that (so I hear, and beginning to understand).  So we make adjustments.  Lately, I am personally recognizing how my own personal philosophy of parenting and educating my children at home is not practiced as much as I would like.  Philosophy is the easy part, practice is a little trickier.  I am making adjustments, and probably will until my kids leave home.

For my family, the adjustments that need to be made are somewhat out of my comfort zone.  I am a first born, type-Aish mama, a formulaic rule follower, who sometimes focuses on the process instead of the little people I am leading.  I love how Charlotte Mason respects children as persons, not as projects to master.  Sometimes educating children feels like a problem to solve, when children are not problems, but born persons made in the image of their Creator with minds and souls ripe for cultivation.  I know this.  I embrace this.  But lately, in my hurried pace to get through lessons, complete weekly agendas, and skill development, I have not allowed enough space in our day for creative play, rest, and time outside.  We do those things, but not as much as we should or as my kids at their age really need.  So, we are making adjustments.  Eventually, we will find our rhythm, but until then we are simply exploring what works until my kids change (and they will), or I change (and I will), or our season of life changes (and seasons always change).

How about you?  Are you in a place of rhythm, or are you finding yourself having to adjust to change?  Maybe it is a new move, new job, a personal loss, a new family dynamic, or something else.  Maybe you are changing an unhealthy habit, a routine, or you are beginning something new.  Change is scary, and stepping out into the unknown makes us feel vulnerable and even awkward at first.  But, if adjustments need to be made and we don’t make them, then we will just keep repeating the same mistakes.  So, taking the plunge into the right change maybe just what we need to find our rhythm again.

There is hope.  As long as we have breath, there is hope.  Being in process means that God is sanctifying us through the rhythms of life- through the struggles, dead ends, sins, and personal victories.  He is not concerned about all of the nuances of work, marriage, parenting, and relationships that we sometimes obsess ourselves over.  He is all about building His Kingdom and making a people who look more and more like Jesus through the rhythms of life.  So, with this in mind, there will always be adjustments to be made.  The good news is that we do not make them alone or in our own strength.  God is there in the awkward…in the failure…in regret.  He meets us there, but He will never leave us there.  The good work He began He will complete.


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