Weekend Wrap-Up 8/13

Sometimes weekends are meant for celebrating.  Sometimes after a week of pushing and hustling, giving it your all, a weekend in the best sense is in order.  Many weekends are meant for errands (we had those too today) and playing catch up on a week that went by too fast (there are those often as well), but for us this weekend was a time to be together and just have some simple fun.

We closed the books and said goodbye to the first week of school and hit the pool!

FullSizeRender (12)

We had a yummy dinner at Swaney Swift’s and ice cream at the Town Square Creamery on Friday night.  And then we went to Lowes and got some sand for the kids’ new sandbox.

They spent the greater part of the day here.  Sand everywhere.  I’ll be washing sand out of their hair for weeks.



Some highlights from this week for us were…

Kara started back with piano lessons, and we found a really neat studio on the square in Gallatin.  The bonus was the owner’s dog who became good buds with Jud right away.  Here Jud is playing fetch with his new friend.   We plan to get a dog once we get settled.  Sand, dog hair, eh who cares?


The girls learned about Impressionism looking at Mary Cassatt’s “Five O’Clock Tea” for inspiration.  Jud even got in on the action.  I wasn’t planning on him jumping up to the table, but once he saw paint and the opportunity to make a mess there was no stopping him.  He did surprisingly well, and the paint washed off.  I find that the Crayola washable paint comes out better than the Crayola washable markers.  The kids always have marker on them even after several washings.  As I type this Analise is sound asleep with green marker on the palm of one of her hands, and this is after a fairly long bath she had tonight.



Kara did an impressionist painting of a girl sitting against a tree blowing bubble gum while looking at her house.



Analise did a literal impression of herself as a cat. 



Not everything is idyllic.  There are the dirty dishes…there seems to always be dirty dishes.  And the floors are never swept enough.  There is yelling at times.  Mom yells at times…trying to work on that.  We are not always motivated.  But I marvel at how God intercepts the chaos with His peace.  He does that.  Even with a toddler who won’t nap (Jud today), sandy floors, an unfinished to-do list (always incomplete), and dealing with physical limitations like illnesses, hormones, our humanity- God comes in and shows up.  He gives us His yoke and teaches us to rest.  Anything he gives is easy and light.  We are the ones who overwhelm the whole business of life.  “Oh I can do it.”  “I can handle it.”  Until I realize that I can’t handle it and then I become anxious or depressed while God was here available and able to supply what was needed all along- Himself.

What I’m into this week…

Mere Motherhood.  Great book.  I’m reading it along with some other moms who homeschool. This book is is a good read for any mom, really.  Cindy Rollins (author) is a seasoned and wise mother who is humble and honest about nurturing a Christian home.

Digize.  This is a Young Living Essential Oil blend used to support digestive health.  I have had some heartburn this week, and really off and on throughout the summer, but this oil has helped alleviate a lot of the discomfort.

Hooked on Consignment.  This is a sale I just heard about and took advantage of this morning.  I racked up for Judson’s fall/winter wardrobe.  The sale goes on twice a year, and I plan on going back in the spring.

Placemaking.  Ooo I just love this whole concept and discussion on Tsh Oxenreider’s podcast.  I resonated with it being that I just moved to a new place myself.  For awhile now I have envisioned home as something you create, not necessarily some specific place you belong.  Worth a listen.

Well, that’s a wrap for now.  Hope that your weekend, wherever and however it finds you is nourishing to your soul.  Connect with your church community.  Take a walk.  Take a nap.  Eat something good.  Breathe.  And remember that the to-do list will get done…just not today. 🙂






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