The Terrific Thing About The Terrible Twos

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I feel it coming.  The onslaught of wild, reckless, compulsive energy like a tidal wave upon still shores.  By this I mean that my son will be two in less than two months.  And a sensor must be going off, because he is a two-year old in the making in the best and worst ways.

Since the big move, Jud has managed to….

  • Tumble out of his crib (the “plan” was to wait for at least month before transferring him to a toddler bed to help ease him through the transition…the “plan” was shifted to two weeks earlier)
  • Run out of the house (he figured out how to open our back door that leads into the garage.  Travis was on his riding mower!  So quick-thinking Kara ran upstairs to get me where I was taking a shower and I ran outside while wrapped in a towel to grab Judson.  He was fine and barely made it out of the garage.  My pride was not fine however as the fencing installation guys just showed up at the house.  Safe son.  Embarrassed mama.  Thankfully, we can lock that back door keeping him out of trouble and me from scaring the neighbors)
  • Pull a 3-shelf corner stand on himself (He tried to climb it, I’m assuming.  He was in the mudroom while we were in other parts of the house.  I think he banged his head, but it didn’t harm him too much.  We got rid of that stand- not worth it)
  • Scribble on a new chair with purple marker (The girls were coloring and Jud snuck a marker down from the table and got all Jackson Pollock on an upholstered chair)
  • Pull out all of the door stoppers in our house while biting off the white plastic tips (I’ve pulled at least two of the said tips out of Jud’s mouth.  So now we have removed all of the door stoppers making it only a matter of time before Travis will have to patch holes in the walls.  But at least we will not have to worry about our son choking on hardware)


You know that verse in Scripture about how their angels see God’s face (speaking of little children)?  Well, I believe that two-year old boys have a legion of angels watching over them.  It is by the grace of God that they make it through toddlerhood!  And I consider myself a “watchful” mother…borderline helicopter mom.  I can’t imagine what would happen to this kid if I let him loose!

Not everything is so terrible, though.  There are some terrific things about the twos.  Like…

  • Hugs and Kisses (this boy is a smoocher and gives fully-surrendered, warm you through and through hugs)
  • Words (not everyone can understand him, but I know what he is saying.  “shereel”- cereal, “mo”- more, “THIS!”- sippy cup, “baf”- bath, “banay”- banana, “guk”- truck, “bagetba”- basketball, “choo choo”- train, “soos”- shoes.
  • Construction vehicles and balls (he absolutely goes bonkers when he sees any sort of truck or tractor on the road or in a field, and basketball goals are like historic monuments for Jud with pointing and shouting every morning in the van while we drive down our street)
  • Morning snuggles (sometimes this is 3am snuggles, but still.  He greets us with arms high in the air saying “Up! Up!” and I get my morning Jud time.


I read a blog this morning by Sally Clarkson who I deeply respect, and she remarked how we are often in a season of waiting as young moms- waiting for other aspirations to come to fruition- and how often our dreams unfold slowly over the course of a lifetime and that though waiting is hard “I [Sally] have learned that if I am to thrive personally, in ministry, in marriage, in physical health, I have to keep the center priorities at the center and do the other things little by little…In my own personal experience, dreams take a lifetime. But messages of integrity come through years of being faithful to our priorities, years of living a true life so that truth can be written from experience and wisdom, and not just from desire. ”  Read the rest here.  I received a sweet note yesterday from an older woman from our former church who encouraged me in a similar way.  Waiting is worth it.

He won’t be two forever. (grace upon grace)  As they say the days are long, but the years are short.  I am more convinced that a mother’s prayers (along with a good night’s sleep and strong coffee) are what carries all of us through…mama, hubby, and the kids…all of us.  Because I sure don’t have it in me…the endurance, patience, courage, etc.  But I can pray…feeble prayers, fatigued prayers, and often frantic prayers, but prayers nonetheless that God hears, believing by faith that the Spirit and the Son intercedes for weary mothers like me. On the days when I fail.  On the days when I feel overwhelmed.  And on the days when I think I can handle it all on my own.  He knows and understands.

So, if you have a terrific and terrible two-year old, a newborn, a teenager, a grown child, or anyone in-between, never doubt the power of prayer- of persistent, until we see God move in the lives of our kids prayer.  My mother still prays for me, and I need her prayers every day.  Let’s not give up interceding for those most precious to us, because we all have One who never fails to intercede for us.  We can make it.  We are going to make it.  There may be bumps and bruises with an occasional visit to the E.R. on the way, but we are going to make it.  Because He who began a good work in you…in your children…in your spouse…in your church…WILL bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus (Phil. 1:6).




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