Just The Facts, Mam!


We were without Wifi for about a month since our big move, so we extended our data usage to a bagilillion gigabytes in order to stay connected with the outside world.  This included a FaceTime conversation with my mother that was ended abruptly when my financially conservative hubby told me to end the call because it was running up the data.  You can imagine how well that went over.

Besides FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of the socially connected mediums, I wanted to stay connected with the news.  And what an unfortunate month for news.  A quick glance at my feed on Facebook did not do justice for me with the news of the day.  Because I have both conservative and moderate friends, and I follow both conservative and moderate blogs with differeing and biased perspectives.  I wanted “just the facts, mam.”

Sidebar.  Do people still get the paper?  Like the good, old fashioned, black print, finger staining newspaper?  I could have used one last month.

Anyway, I did manage to scroll through some online “papers” to get informed on the issues of the day, skimming and speed reading through the headlines mostly.  I found an app on my phone that I downloaded at some point but had yet to use, and it came in handy during my “limited data” month.  It is called Feedly.  Basically, it is a tool to manage and organize regularly visited content such as blogs, webzines, news sites, etc.  It is becoming my “go-to” method for getting information quickly and efficiently.

Because social media is social, not informational.  Sure, you get information but it is filtered through opinions, biases, agendas, and platforms.  Sometimes, you just want the news.  Am I right?  Some of my favorite sources for quick news- meaning, the headlines and top stories and easily accessed, are USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic.  Sure, every news source has its biased bent one way or another, but I find it easier to filter through the news myself rather than through social media’s opinions on the news.  Less noise means less distraction from the facts.

So now that I am back online I can take my time through the news of the day and I can be better informed on how to pray for our nation, its leaders, and the world.  And my husband and I do not have to ration data like the last bowl of soup on the coldest day of the year.  🙂



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