Weekend Wrap-Up 05/21/16

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This weekend calls for outside play, kids running from one neighbor’s house to the next, PB&J sandwiches, juicy cantaloupe, the sound of lawnmowers, laughter, and life.  There are house projects, yardwork, and neighborly chit chat along our street today, giving appropriate attention to a fine spring day in Midtown Memphis.

I am being productive myself.  This morning after breakfast clean-up I continued an ongoing spring cleaning project (cleaning is always ongoing even when it is neglected…thinking about cleaning as a never ending process allows me to not feel guilty when things are not as tidy as they should be), which led me into my girls’ closet.  Help us all.  I advise looking up away from the floor to keep inner peace, otherwise indigestion may ensue.  This is where shoes are strewn mismatched in a pile on the left, and dress up clothes, soccer balls, and random accessories, books, and blocks are mixed up all along the right side.  On average, following a mama overhaul, the girls’ closet is clean for about two days.  Yes, we have bins and baskets.  It is what it is.


I cooked a bunch of food last night so that I wouldn’t have to cook the rest of the weekend.  After dinner, the kids played out in the back for a short while until the mosquitos got a hold of them.  I have been using an essential oil mosquito roller bottle on them hoping to keep the kids bite-free the natural way.  It is naturally useless.  I might as well have dunked my kids in a stagnant rain puddle.  The backyards in Midtown are beautiful with the lush Oak trees and vines, but they are mosquito havens.  The kids enjoyed finding worms and “wild strawberries” for a little while anyway.



Some fun finds this week for me were:

  • The Complete Father Brown Mysteries (Illustrated) on Kindle for FREE. Currently, they are $.99, but still worth it.
  • This blog post on audiobook “read alouds” for families.  There is a fantastic list of audiobook recommendations.
  • This lipstick from Marc Jacobs.  I got this as a free gift sample from Sephora since this is my birthday month.  Yay for freebies!  I really like this shade, and its name, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 🙂
  • This band- The Hunts.  Their music is folksy fun with true lyrics and melodies that make you want to dance and sing along.  I have been playing them all through the house for some “pick me up” as I clean up music.

Well, I better get back to it.  I have spent the better part of this afternoon writing for a project and this blog post.  I love writing- I prefer it, but now time to fold laundry and finish some of that that spring cleaning.  Writing, like housework is never finished, it is an ongoing process not to be completed but further explored and expressed.  Enjoy exploring and expressing wherever your weekend finds you!



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