Weekend Wrap-Up 4/29/16

The end of April is bringing with it an end to a few of our yearly activities.  This week was jam-packed with rehearsals, recitals, end of the year celebrations, and homeschooling, which has called for late nights and late mornings.  This rainy Friday has been a welcomed gift.  With three weeks left of Kindergarten (I cannot believe it!) and birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Kindergarten graduation, May will be sure to fly.  There are those who criticize Instagram and taking pictures of everything, but really, let’s freeze as many frames of life as we can, especially of the littles because my oldest baby will be six next week and I know she is still a wee one, but you don’t understand that I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday.

So this is how I am dealing with all this.  I am going on a date with the man who stole my heart and began all this beautiful mess, and we are going to eat sushi.  The kids have been in the house all day, so I am getting a movie from Redbox and some candy and I may regret this later, but whatever it takes to keep them from wearing out the sitter and out of danger.

I hope to finish a book this weekend that is about 200 pages too long, but I just have to know how it ends.  

Right now I’m digging…

This podcast: Hope Writers

Lettuce…weird, right?  But there is this new-to-me romaine-ish type called something like “Tokyo Batan.”(?). Anyway, it is my new addiction and I will have to get the correct name of this stuff and post a pic of it.  It is light and airy, and bright green with a crisp, cold crunch.  I could eat a head of it in one sitting, no lie.  

Exodus.  Right now, the ladies in my Bible study and I are in deep in this book.  We are becoming more in awe of who God is, how He has saved us, and how He changes us.  The Lord has been challenging me this week to recognize that friendship with God is to fear His Name.  I highly recommend both of Jen Wilkin’s Exodus studies (well, all of her studies, really).  

That’s a wrap for now.  Ready for the weekend with family, church, and friends.  Be blessed with the people and in the places you find yourselves this weekend!


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