Weekend Wrap-Up

Dreaming of wild adventures.  …In your dreams, kids…in your dreams.

I have been a bit of a cranky pants this week.  There really has not been one single, major contribution to my attitude problem, but a culmination of things and not enough space to pray and process through it all.  Our refrigerator broke a couple weeks ago, so we had to replace it.  Then our water heater bit the dust this week adding to our list of expenses.  And then one of my kids got the stomach bug.  I had to deal with some behavior issues with another child who is learning about natural consequences.  I’m still learning too.  In fact, this week the Lord has been lovingly disciplining me through His Word and Spirit regarding my attitude.
I’m reading Little Town on the Prairie with Kara and God disciplined me through Ma today:  Laura says to Ma, “The prairie looks so beautiful and gentle, but I wonder what it will do next.  Seems like we have to fight it all the time.”


“This earthly life is a battle,” said Ma.  “If it isn’t one thing to contend with, it’s another.  It always has been so, and it always will be.  The sooner you make up your mind to that, the better off you are, and the more thankful for your pleasures.”

Really, Ma had every reason to grumble.  She just bore through the long winter with her family barely making it out alive.  And she is thankful.  I think the reason I opt for grumbling in sin is that I forget that this earthly life is indeed a battle.  It is not suppose to be easy or predictable.  It cannot be controlled.  So when things go well for us, or when we acknowledge the goodness of the Lord in our lives we can be more thankful for our pleasures.  The fact that God allows for things to go well at all is a sign of His common grace.

So the Lord has been speaking to me through the wisdom of Ma, but also through the wisdom of Solomon.  I have been reading through Proverbs this month and the Lord has revealed that yes, the Woman Folly is loud but that Wisdom calls out too.  In fact, wisdom cries out, she “raises her voice”(Prov. 2 and 8).  I am learning to listen better.  This week, I have been that nagging, constant dripping wife and I have forgotten at times that the righteous are delivered from trouble and that the Lord is a stronghold for the blameless.  So, a new priority for me is not to “be wise” but to listen to wisdom.  Because there is this tension between seeking to be wise in some sort of mystical, wishful way, and then there is the practice of wisdom.  The long, hard, get up and stumble, skinned up knee wisdom.  Discipline isn’t pretty.  But it’s worth it because it leads to life and a greater intimacy with God.  We get as close to Him as possible this side of heaven when wisdom calls out and we respond.

 I discovered a beautiful album filled with songs that are straight out of Psalms.  Every. word.  Every. song.  The Corner Room’s Psalm Songs has been blessing the socks off of me in the midst of a stressful week.  The music is in a folk, bluegrass, Americana style with rich vocal harmonies.  If you like Nickle Creek, Mumford and Sons, and/or Andrew Peterson, then you will probably enjoy this as well.  It serves as a great devotional supplement.

We ended the week on a visit to Bass Pro Shop here in Memphis.  It was our first time to check out all they had to offer.  We shot some virtual ducks in the duck blind, shot some other things at the Arcade, and pretty much shot stuff.  Jud wanted to swim with the fish and then he wanted to run wild and free through the fishing section.  I grabbed him, made a dash for the door with Analise by my side thinking Travis and Kara were behind me.  They weren’t.  I made it outside with two kids, called Travis on my phone to see where he was because he had the van keys.  He said he was looking at some gear of some sort, and that he was coming.  He then got lost.  Meanwhile, Jud is lunging out of my arms and Analise is begging me to climb the stairs so that she can get into that big boat.  Before I yelled, “HELLLPP!”,  Travis and Kara appeared.  Family night- check.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week.  Hope you are enjoying your crazy adventures called life as well.  Until next time- be blessed!


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