A Little Bit of History at Home

Today we joined our local CC Midtown group for a field trip to the Chucalissa Indian Village.  This historic site was home to the Mississippian mound builders.  One of our history sentences for this year is on North American mound builders, which included the Mississippians.  We learned about prehistoric versus historic artifacts and we even got our hands on some of them.

We took a tour of the mounds…

Walked inside a hut that traditionally housed up to ten adults…

Painted wood snakes (snakes were important to the Mississippians)…

and we did a scavenger hunt inside the exhibit.  I wish I took a picture of the Mastodon tooth that was almost the size of my two fists!


We had a fun and interesting visit to this historic archeological site right in our own backyard.  I like that as we “define the terms” in this grammar stage of learning, we at times are able to personalize, visualize, and experience the facts, people, and places that we study.  We don’t always get to do this, but when we can it enriches the learning process.  The bonus for us today was that we went to 1000 BC- 1450 AD and back before lunch.  🙂



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