Weekend Wrap Up

Spring has sprung, which makes for sunny, warmer days, outdoor adventures, and reveling in new life.  A robin has made a nest in the rain gutter just outside our dining room window, and we await baby birds.  After days and days of rain we found earthworms digging through dirt readying the earth for vegetation.  The fig tree that rests in front of our wood gate is starting to bud, and its leaves tell us that winter is past.  We anticipate hydrangeas, daffodils, and black eyed susans.  Our crepe myrtle will bloom in time adding to God’s colorful pallete signaling  the dead coming to life.  Even creation celebrates resurrection.

This weekend deceives us, though.  It is cool here in Memphis as Friday evening’s rain ushers in a cold front.  Maybe it will be this season’s final one.  Tomorrow is the first official day of spring after all.

In any season, I am always in the mood for a good cup of tea, and this is by far my favorite:

My mom introduced me to this flavor, and I am hooked. My 2nd favorite is Tazo’s Refresh Mint, but Green Ginger is my go to, especially recently with a lot of sickness going around.  I stir in a little bit of local, raw honey and blissfully sip away.

This week called for a walk with a good friend.  There were loads of laundry to fold, kitchens to clean, and a list of other things to attend to, but getting away is never convenient, and nothing is ever really “done” anyway.  So, on Tuesday evening, Teresa and I walked.  We talked about the Lord, about life, our families, our concerns, and how we can pray for each other.  We walked for almost 5 miles and our legs burned.  But we left encouraged, blessed and refreshed as we returned to our work.

I finished the week with my daughters for a “girls day out.”  We got haircuts, shopped for spring shoes, and grabbed lunch at Sonic.  Analise had so much fun that she asked me if tomorrow we could have another special day out.  I told her that we will do it again, soon.  If every day was special, then there would really never be any “special” days.  Taking a pause in the everyday flow for celebration and simply being together is what memories are made of.

We are taking small breaks in our day for daily celebrations.  Sometimes this involves popcorn and a movie, and other times it involves a rousing game of kickball.  Well, maybe not an actual “game,” but the semblance of one, especially since the girls are just learning how to play.  Judson can kick and throw a ball like a boss already.  He throws everything these days.  He threw food at us the other night.  We were stunned, befuddled, irritated, and somewhat amused.  I scolded him and removed him from his seat and food.  He laughed and flashed his dimple.  He knows my weakness.  Be strong, mama, be strong!  I think boys, and girls for that matter, need to be outdoors when possible.  Best leave all that energy out there in the wild.

That’s a wrap for now.  This weekend we anticipate Resurrection Sunday as we remember Jesus, our Savior, humbly riding on a donkey to Jerusalem.  May our worship exalt Him, the One who died for us, the One who was first humiliated before He was exalted, the One who took on our form and the posture we should all aspire to, that of a Servant who gave His life for many.  May we shout Hosanna, and live to tell of the hope that came on that prophetic day when palm branches and cloaks adorned that dusty road when Christ came to save the world.




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