Weekend Wrap-Up



It rained and rained and rained for forty days and forty nights.  Or so it seemed.  This was a wet week leading into a wet weekend.  But we made the most of it.

There was puddle splashing


Volcanoes erupting


And mischief making


We took an early spring break back in February, so we are muscling through to the end of the school year.  Kara is doing well in Kindergarten and Classical Conversations, and Analise cannot wait to begin CC in the fall.  Judson, well he is in just about everything these days including my dishwasher (as you can see in above photo).

It gets crazy around here, and I mean CRAY-Z!  So, mama (that’s me) is managing to make room for restoration in the day.  Here’s what is helping me lately:

This candle:

FullSizeRender (5)
Got this at our local farmer’s market last weekend.  It is a lavender and jasmine soy candle, and it smells delightful.  I burn it in the mornings and at night mostly.

This book:

I’m enjoying this read, because it is part history, part travelogue, and part sociology all wrapped up into one book.  I’m almost through with it, but so far I find it to be interesting with a lot of fresh insights into the places and times that some of the greatest minds have lived.

This oil blend:

This is my go-to oil to roll on lately.  (Go figure.) 😉  It has a calming scent, and I put it on in the mornings or after I exercise.

Other things that are helping me restore this week are (and in no particular order):

Date night with my love (We ate at the Bombay House last night–yummy Indian food.)
Kids in bed early (before 8:30 p.m. most nights)
Prayer (this week was difficult for me to find quiet space for various reasons, but I treasured the quiet moments that did come)
Book Club (My Classical Conversations community is reading The Core and some of the moms get together every other week to discuss it and encourage one another on the homeschool journey
Getting out of the house (Our rainy days led us to the Children’s Museum with friends, the library, the Kroc Center, and our weekly ballet class)
Netlfix (Travis and I watched the 4 Minute Mile last night and really enjoyed it.  It had a good storyline and message.  We decided to forgo another episode of Parenthood and watch a real movie instead.)
Natural cleaning and decluttering  (This is a whole thing that will take longer than I have years to live, but in some odd way going natural as a family is bringing a little bit of tranquility to our home.  Clearing surfaces of random papers and toys creates breathing room and I can focus better when recycled trash is put in the bin and the toys are off of the floor.  We are getting rid of toxins in our home, so I am incorporating natural, homemade cleaners to disinfect our counters and floors.)
Centergy  (I love this group fitness class at Kroc Memphis.  It is a fitness program that works in a sequence that combines yoga and pilates.  It is helping my flexibility, core, balance, and overall strength.  And it de-stresses me, so not only is it a good physical workout, but it is mentally beneficial as well.)
Cherry blossoms (They are in full bloom.  Enough said.)

Well, that’s a wrap for this weekend!  I hope that you make time for YOU this weekend with no guilt and no strings attached.  Worship, reflect, play, rest.  Fill up so you can be poured out.  Grow in God’s grace and be nourished in Him today and every day.  Blessings!


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