Back to Life, Back to Reality


I took a short break from blogging to get away with the kids to spend some time with my parents in South Florida.  I took a break from everything, really- homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, running errands.  It was bliss.  And the best part of all was I got to spend some much needed quality time with my mom and dad.  The only down side was that daddy wasn’t with us, but at the same time he was doing exactly what he needed to do last week.  He along with a team from our church and another church spent the week in Haiti partnering with SMI and serving in an orphanage there.

We were all reunited yesterday and today life is back as usual.  There was ballet, schoolwork, and chores.  I voted today.  My refrigerator has sludge in it and I may call HAZMAT to deal with it, because frankly, I cannot…DEAL.  That’s the thing about getting away- you get away from life, but it is there waiting for you when you return.  And this is not a bad thing.  It was good to get away, but it is also good to be home.  Life is meant to be celebrated- both the going away and the coming home.

Speaking of celebrations, here are a few things I’m celebrating today:

1.  My home.  I have a house to come home to, and it has heat and A/C.


2.  My family.  They are my loves, and they move my heart day after day.


3.  My health.  I am independent, strong and present to serve and love.


Getting back to life is grace and a kindly reminder from the Lord that I have a lot to get back to.  Travis’ stories regarding his time in Haiti is a reminder of all I have to be thankful for as well.  I plan to get some more writing done in the coming weeks, and share some posts that I pray will be an encouragement to you.  Make the most of your reality today, friends!



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