Valentine’s Day Conversation Starts- FREE Printable!

Valentine's Day Conversation Starts

A table for two, please!  It is date night.  You have waited all week (or perhaps weeks) for this.  Your spouse is looking as good as ever, the kids are with a sitter, and you have him all to yourself.  With menus in hand, you decide what to eat, place your order, and then talk about whatever is on your mind in that moment.  You could talk about the kids.  Or work.  You could ask if that bill has been paid yet.  But, date nights are different.  At least they should be anyway.  The everyday married couple conversations are for every day, but date night conversations should focus on the relationship and one another.  We have to be intentional with this.  So, if you are like me and need some date night conversation inspiration, here are some questions you and your spouse can ask each other on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter!  You can download your free printable below.  Have fun!

The Valentine’s Day Conversation Starts– FREE Printable


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