Prayer in the New Year


If I resolve to do more of anything this year, may it be prayer.  I get enough Netflix, Facebook, books, and blogs in my daily diet.  Trust me, there is room for more prayer.  I have a hunch that “War Room” climbed to #1 in the box office beating out Straight Outta Compton on Labor Day weekend because people were telling their family and friends, “Hey, you need to check out this movie!  Just look at the power of prayer!”  We are desperate for God, but we cozy up to rolling episodes of that series everyone is talking about instead.  So, how desperate are we?  Corrie Ten Boon said, “Is prayer your steering wheel, or your spare tire?”  Ouch.  Sometimes I pull over in my life for that spare tire, dusting it off on the side of the road wondering why my faith is weak and my soul is dry.

Not this year.

Want to steer with me?

I have several “prayer closets.”  One is my bathroom.  Another is my well-worn sofa.  Sometimes on the weekends it is my bedroom if the rest of the family is out and about.  I also use the office from where I am typing this post.  The kitchen sink is where I have had many conversations with God with a drippy skillet in one hand and a dry towel in the other.  Point is, I’m not fancy.  And you don’t need to be either, especially if you live with a lot of loud people.  Trust me on this.  For so long I wondered if I was even growing in my faith because my quiet time was never “quiet.”  But the Lord gently (that’s His way) comforted me with the promise that He can still hear me above the noise.  And I can hear Him in the craziest places (like the bathroom) and in the craziest times (for instance, when I am weary after a long day).  I think you and I fail to pray because we think prayer has to fit some kind of formula in a perfect setting and manner.  And there is something to be said about getting alone in a quiet place to pray- we need to strive for this too.  My point is that if we wait for life to be perfect, or for us to feel “in the mood” to pray, then we never will pray.  Jesus got alone to a quiet place by a mountainside to pray because He didn’t have any kids.  Moms, you do not have this luxury, so be like Susanna Wesley and put an apron over your head if you have to.

On a final note.  Let me commend to you an excellent resource by my friend Elissa Roberts.  If you are looking for a guided prayer method, she has a wonderful prayer journaling plan as well as thoughtful ideas that you can incorporate into your prayer life.  I love her heart for the Lord (she has a great blog), and I think you will be blessed her writing ministry.  Here are the links to each post on prayer journaling:

How to Make a Prayer Journal Part 1

How to Make a Prayer Journal Part 2

How to Make a Prayer Journal Part 3

How to Make a Prayer Journal Part 4

No matter the method, the location, or list of “to-dos,” just pray.  We get enough of the other stuff, we really do.  God’s power is available to us instantly always, so why do we resign to do things in our own strength?  More than this, not only is His power available to us but His Person is as well.  Like Paul, that “I may know Him and the power of His resurrection” (Philippians 3:10).  To know Him and the power….that is the purpose of prayer.  Will you pray with me in 2016?



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