The Legacy-Leaving Bible Reading Plan- FREE Printable!

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Are you looking for a Bible reading plan for 2016?  There are a lot of great ones out there to choose from.  Some plans work through the Bible chronologically (I did this one year and loved it), others have you read an OT passage, a passage from wisdom literature (Psalms, Proverbs, etc.), and a NT passage every day, and some plans have you read the Bible thematically.  There was one plan I followed one year that had a devotional component with it that I enjoyed along with my Bible reading.

Well, I’m offering another option for you in case you are seeking a plan to read through the Bible this year.  The Legacy-Leaving Bible Reading Plan is designed to provide you with Scripture passages that are intentionally selected for a legacy-leaver like yourself. What this means is that you will spend this year focusing your heart on God and His mission for your life reading whole passages of Scripture. This particular plan is non-linear, meaning that it does not necessarily flow chronologically, although you will read whole books of the Bible in order from time to time. This plan is also not exhaustive in that you will not read the whole Bible in the year, but you will read most of it.  There are some repeated passages as well that can be beneficial for deeper study and reflection.  Each month has a focus topic that relates to personal growth and godly influence.  You will read specific texts of Scripture that are intentionally directed towards the topic of the month.  I encourage you to journal your thoughts and prayers as God speaks to you through His Word.

I’m looking forward to incorporating this plan in my devotional time this year.  Simply click on this link to download your free PDF of The Legacy Leaving Bible Reading Plan

Blessings to you all in the New Year!



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