Links I Love: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Can We Teach Gratitude?  This post from Better Mom is helpful and encouraging for parents, especially as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
  2. Pumpkin Curry.  I made this dish for the first time last fall, and I made it twice already this month.  It’s a keeper.  I substituted red pepper flakes for the cayenne.  It gave it just enough heat without being too spicy for littles.  My kids and hubby gobble it all up.
  3. Thanksgiving Tree. This is one of our traditions that we incorporate into our holiday season.  Ann Voskamp shared this a few years ago on her blog and she provides the free printables for the leaves.  We simplify it by cutting only 7-10 leaves and spend about a week or so giving thanks as a family.  She provides enough leaves for the whole month, I think.  I have the girls pick out sticks from outside, then we place them in a vase or jar with some sort of decoration on it (burlap this year), and then we punch holes in the leaves, tie string around them, and hang them on the sticks.  The Thanksgiving Tree!  We take turns pulling a leaf each night, we read the verse together, and then one person shares something that they are thankful for.  Mommy or Daddy write down the thankful thought given and then we hang the leaf back on the tree.  It is very similar to Ann Voskamp’s Thanksgiving Tree plan.  We just simplified it and tailored it for our family with a four and five-year-old.

Our 2015 Thanksgiving Tree


4.  Raising Grateful Kids book.  I love this blog and this author, Kristen Welch.  The subject matter of her new upcoming book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: How One Family Learned That Saying No Can Lead to Life’s Biggest Yes is one that I think about a lot and something that I want to do well at….raising grateful kids.  So, this link leads you to a little bit about the book as well as a way to join her launch team, and maybe win a free copy of the book.




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