Stars Hollow: Mothers and Daughters, Humor and Story


The Internet was all abuzz last night as news got out that a Gilmore Girls revival is in the works.  Netflix will run four, ninety-minute movies of the beloved show.  And there was great rejoicing!  So, now I (along with millions of others) am wondering when these new episodes will arrive.  You can’t just drop this kind of news and leave all of us Gilmore Girls fans hanging!

What is the big deal, anyway?

Here’s the deal with Gilmore Girls:

The characters.

The humor.

The community.

The story.

The broken hearts.

The mending.

The forgiveness.

The laughter.

And the tears.

Stars Hollow is a real place and we get Lorelai and Rory.  We know these people, Michel’s snarkiness, Sookie’s optimism, Luke, Lane, and all the rest.  The people and the story are what make Gilmore Girls the wonder that it is.

And mothers and daughters.  Lorelai and Rory get each other, though the relationship gets strained.  There is disagreement.  There is disappointment.  There is boy drama and broken hearts.  And there are decisions to be made.  There is love, laughter, leaving and a returning together.  This is why the Gilmore Girls revival is such a big deal, and why we are all thrilled that this story continues to be told.


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