Report Card

We are about seven weeks into homeschooling, and thankfully no one has dropped out yet, including me!  We do not do report cards in the traditional sense, but I am trying to take a step back every several weeks or so to evaluate where we are- achievements and areas for growth.  My purpose in this is to avoid burnout and remind myself why in the world we are even doing this.

So I remember this:

And I relish this:

And when the days seem long and my fuse feels short, the Lord gives me grace.  He just does.

So, here is our report card thus far:

The good:

  • Morning time- probably my favorite part of the day
  • Classical Conversations- I love our Midtown community, Kara’s sweet Abecedarian class, and the opportunity to fill our wells with truth, goodness, and beauty
  • Watching the light bulbs turn on for Kara with reading, arithmetic, handwriting, Scripture, history, etc.
  • Read-Aloud time through the Little House on the Prairie series
  • Not having to pack lunches every day šŸ˜Š

The bad:

  • Projects on my to-do list keep getting pushed back (like clean and organize the attic, baby memory boxes, writing, and such)
  • The difficult days when motivation is low and there are lessons to complete (thankfully, these have been few and far between)

The ugly:

  • That day when I lost it
  • My hair in the mornings
  • My kitchen until about 4:00 when I start to think about dinner and have to clean it (I can’t cook with dirty dishes in the sink.  I get the shakes).

I have to celebrate Analise for a moment.  This girl.

I have been winging it with this one.  I cannot assume what worked with Kara at 3 and 4 years of age will work  with Analise.  And in some ways that is true.  We did and still do a lot of play based learning without a lot of workbooks.  Analise sometimes wants to use workbooks, actually, just like big sis.  So I got her a few from the company that I use for Kara’s Kindergarten curriculum, and I purchased Mead’s Success in Preschoool activity book that I also used when Kara was 3.  Analise is using some great scissor skills, loves using math manipulatives, knows her letters, and can keep up with Kara with her memory work.  Probably the biggest area of growth that I have seen in this little dynamo  is her ability to self-regulate.  She is really working on controlling her emotions, which is a challenge for her.  She makes me laugh and smile throughout the day.

Well, that’s a wrap for now.  If I were to give ourselves a grade it would be MP for “Making Progress.”   Mama is learning too.  It is not about the ABCs and 123s really, but I am learning that my days with my kids is more about loving them well and leading them to the love of God.  My prayer is that they would see His love outwardly displayed in our home and know that the gospel defines us- not homeschooling, not ministry life, not knowing a bunch of stuff- none of it.  Only Jesus is truly worthy of our deepest devotion.  Praying that this would be the longing of my kids’ hearts and mine continually as well.

Some more pics of our year thus far:



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