Judson Turns a Year

  My little man is a year-old now, and I think time is playing a trick on me.  I mean, I just took him home from the hospital yesterday, so how come he now has teeth, can say “Mama” while melting my heart, and sweep the floor like a Roomba?  Before I know it he’ll be growing a mustache, leave the toilet seat up, and belch like a walrus!  S-L-O-W down puh-leeeas!

We celebrated his big 1st birthday at home with some family and friends.  He was as chill as ever and took it all in stride.  We put him in an astronaut costume that my parents got him before he was even born, because, well, it is so stinkin’ adorable.  It was Kara’s idea to have an astronaut-themed party, so we went with it.  I made an invitation that read: “Turning 1 is Out of This World!” and got a few simple decorations at the Dollar Tree.  I put a blue plastic table cloth on our dining room table, and unrolled a space-themed gift wrapping paper across it as a runner.  Classy, I know.  My dad is really artistic, so he drew a rocket and a sun, and hung them on some streamers.  They looked really fun and carried the whole space theme well.  I also made a simple banner to hang across Jud’s high chair.  He won’t remember any of this, but all of us will.  This birthday was especially memorable for me because it commemorated an answer to prayer that I prayed for a year out of much sorrow and heartache.  Judson-  his name is derived from “Judah,” which means “praise,” and I praise God for him on his birthday and every day.


Jud enjoying the party food
Daddy praying over Jud while he plays with his balloon

Jud playing with some of his buds, Marley and Ivan
Kara is a proud big sister

Analise is a proud big sis, but was such a party animal that I did not get one with Jud and her

This was not Jud’s first cupcake. Third kid, probably his 3rd or 4th cupcake. Not his first rodeo.
Proud of this little man


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