Go Travis, It’s Your Birthday!

Sometimes you just need to celebrate.  Let’s be honest.  The majority of time in the weeks and months of our lives are heavily devoted to the “serious” stuff.  Balancing the checkbook, keeping house, maintaining good health and hygeine, and showing up to all of the things and the people who expect us to show up are only a sliver of the serious stuff that make up our lives.  So when there is a cause for celebration, I say, “Celebrate!”

Here is my cause for celebration today:

Be jealous.  

But really, this guy deserves to be celebrated, and not just because he can laugh at himself or know how to be silly and get me to be less serious at times, but because he is always celebrating others- their wins, their stories, and their lives.  He celebrates me and the kids.  He serves the church and loves and leads those in his care.  He puts himself last and gives without expecting anything in return.

It’s his birthday today, and he wanted to spend it with his family. So we just enjoyed the day together. And what a beautiful day it was!  We had pristine low 70-degree weather to boot!

We flew a kite!


We took our very first family selfie (or is it “us-ie”?)

And I was going to cook a fish dinner, but since I wasn’t feeling well, Travis suggested we take the kids to Chick-Fil-A so the girls can play and we can eat and chat.  Judson was our little third wheel, which we didn’t mind at all. ☺️


And we ended the day at Muddy’s, which Analise simply and adoringly calls in a high pitched squeaky, excited voice, “The Cupcake Shop.”  I had Judson on my lap so I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic.  But just trust me when I say we had our cake and we ate it too. 

Celebrations.  We need them.  Birthdays are the Mt. Everest of celebrations and everyone needs at least a day to know they are special and that they mean the world to others, especially to those that they share life with.  Travis is my special one, and I am thankful for him and want to remember to celebrate him more in the other days in the year that are not his birthday.  

So Happy Birthday, Trav!  Love you and love celebrating life with you!  


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