Weekend Quick Links

It’s the weekend.  My goal for weekends is minimal effort with maximum rest.  Lazy Saturday mornings are just the ticket for jump starting an extended Sabbath.  Sure there are things that need to get done, and some of them will get done.  But first, I will breathe.

Here are some quick links for your weekend.

100 days of real foodThis site is such an excellent resource for families and healthy eating.  They offer meal plans, school lunch ideas, and recipes filled with whole, non-processed foods.  This easy and yummy whole-wheat waffle recipe is delicious.

The Art of SimpleThis podcast is like listening to friends share their stories and lessons learned.  It is a great dinner-prep podcast, and blogger/author Tsh Oxenreider is the host.

Logitech multimedia speakerSpeaking of podcasts in the kitchen, this multimedia speaker packs a punch.  It is almost impossible to hear anything with a running dishwasher, a sizzling skillet on a hot stove, and loud kids, so all I need to do is plug my phone into this speaker, and voilá- amplified sound.  Nice!

Dead WakeThis book is engaging, informative, and chock full of excellent writing.  I’m still in the thick of it.  There is a submarine, a steamship, a romance, real people, and a real problem at sea.  A great read for me so far.

Red-Wine Vinaigrette DressingThis salad dressing recipe made me quit buying store bought dressing.  Never again, I say!  The only change I made to this recipe is that I substituted stone ground mustard for the Dijon mustard, which I think added a unique flavor and texture.  And my Dijon mustard was expired, so there’s that too. 😉  I am playing with other recipes, and the next one on my list is homemade balsamic dressing, which is Kara’s personal fave.

All Sons and DaughtersThis album is on repeat in the minivan.  We jam out and worship to it.  Love.

Hope you all have a superb weekend!  Get outside.  Rest.  Work on that project.  Play.  Love your people.  🙂


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