1st Day in the Books!

Kara's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Analise's First Day of Preschool!We made it through our first day of homeschool! There was a lot of excitement building up to this point from all fronts.  I was still in my jammies when the girls bounded through the kitchen asking if it was time to start.  Whoa.  Settle.  Mama is only on her first cup of coffee.  I kid.  Sort of.

We did our morning chores first.  Don’t be impressed.  Our morning chores consist of brushing our teeth, making at least two of the three beds, and putting our dirty clothes in the hamper.  We are over-achievers over here.  I did manage to do a load of laundry, which is still in the washer.  If it makes it into the dryer before dinner, I give myself a pat on the back.  It’s the little things. 😉

After our school work we made our routine trip to the library.  Monday is story time, and today’s theme was all about the beach, which made me want to go to the beach.  Sigh.  The girls did pasting and chalking afterwards for the craft portion.  We have a great story time at Memphis central.  It is absolutely fantastic!  Kara checked out about every Rainbow Magic Fairy book that was available.  I think more are written every week, because the books keep multiplying in this series!  The little girls at story time take turns checking them out, which is real sweet.

We celebrated our first homeschool day at Chick Fil A for lunch, and then came home for read aloud and rest time.  It was a good day.

On Thursdays, Kara goes to 1st Evangelical Church for their homeschool day where K-5th kids spend a day at school bringing their homeschool work with them.  She has a teacher, classmates, craft time, recess, Bible lesson, an enrichment lesson (geography, music, etc.), lunch, and two blocks of time to work on her school work.  It’s a great day and a wonderful atmosphere.  Analise is in the preschool Mother’s Day Out there, and Judson is in the nursery.  And I am FREE.  I get a whole day to myself.  It’s wonderful. 🙂

Here are their pics from their first day at 1st Evan, which was last Thursday:

Kara's 1st Day!

Analise's 1st Day!

I will post updates on our homeschool journey from time to time.  I’m thankful that we are getting off to a good start.  🙂


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