Summer, where have you gone?!  This summer has flown by so fast that I have yet to buy a swimsuit.  I mean, I wore my maternity swimsuit this summer and I am not even pregnant!  I just kept putting that whole “trying on swimsuits” thing off because…really.  And I meant to replace my 15 year-old Reefs, which never happened, because I have ALL SUMMER to grab a new pair.  And summer is now out of here as quickly as it came.

We made our trek to Gatlinburg en route to South Carolina to spend time with family for a final summer getaway.

There was some of this:

Smoky Mountain Bear

And there was some of this:

Meet our new Cherokee friend, Ernest
Meet our new Cherokee friend, Ernest

I had a few moments for this:

Porch sitting

And my breath was taken away by this:

Distant rain on the Smokies
Distant rain on the Smokies

I finished about three books, let the girls eat about a box of popsicles in three days, forfeited their naps, drank my first Coke in months, and had no regrets.  We took a wrong turn on our way to Greenville from Gatlinburg on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which made a 1.5 hour trip into a 6 hour trip.  And we almost ran out of gas.  Travis and I bickered some (I mean we were on the road for over 20 hours total on this trip!!), but we also did this:

Much needed date night with my sweetie
Much needed date night with my sweetie

You know, sometimes you need to get away to gain perspective on your life, plan for the year ahead, and pray and dream for the future.  Vacation does this for me.  As much as I enjoyed the time away, I am equally glad to be back home in our little nest.  We are easing into our fall routine gradually beginning next week with homeschool, and getting into our full schedule after Labor Day when ballet and CC start up again.

Summer is fading, and a new year is beginning, but as Solomon reminds us, “There is a time for everything.”  Now is the time for fresh starts (don’t you love them?) and new memories.  Here’s to making the most of them!


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