Perfection is a Myth

solution problem

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the maxim.  Problem is that this idea rarely fits into actual reality.

Because, in some sense everything is broken.

I have been thinking a lot about solutions lately.  Solutions for rest.  Solutions for time management.  Solutions for cooking on a stove with three burners.  Solutions for my daughter’s eczema.  Solutions related to education, my marriage, motherhood, paying off debt, losing the baby weight, and the list goes on.

There are easy fixes in life (like my stove).  Then there are the more abstract issues of life like race relations, poverty, child neglect, the economy, politics, and so on and so forth, with problems that are not so easily solved.

So we (society at large) work to find solutions.  And if we find them (solutions), we tell everybody.  We start dot-com businesses, publish books, build non-profits, write blogs, (smirk) run for president.

But then…

There are those unfiled taxes.  That affair.  The plunging Dow.  Empty promises.  Those other books with other solutions.

If we build our plans, hope, and trust upon people or these broken systems, we will be sorely disappointed.

Because people fail. 

The systems are broken.

But we often make decisions without considering these inherent truths.

Take for instance, education.

When Travis and I got engaged we discussed our thoughts and opinions on everything that mattered- kids (how many we want), stewardship, ministry, our dreams, etc.  There was one issue that we adamantly agreed upon.  We said that we would NEVER homeschool our kids.  Who wants to raise weird kids, anyway?  Sheesh.  But here we are homeschooling our first kid.  The joke is on us.  Har har.

So why are we homeschooling?

The answer is somewhat loaded, but first as an aside, we are simply homeschooling for now.  Year by year, kid by kid.  Not really boasting about tomorrow, because well, I am not sure what tomorrow will look like or how our family and our circumstances will change.  We may homeschool for a short season (a year or more), or every kid until graduation.  Only the Lord knows.

I can easily tell you why we are not homeschooling, though.

We are not homeschooling to perfect the education of our kids, or to perfect our kids for that matter.

Homeschooling is a broken system.

The same reason I don’t believe my kids will be saved through homeschooling is the same reason public school non-Christian kids won’t be saved simply because Christian kids are there.  That is a broken system too.

Here’s my point.

If we make decisions in life under the assumption that there is some real solution OUT THERE that will perfect the broken or prevent failure, then well, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Because every system is broken.

What we CAN do is make the BEST decisions for us, not for others, but only for us and those under our care.  What may be a solution for me and my family, may be a complete disaster for you and yours.  And that is OKAY.

You see, the choices I make are not underlined as a statement made to the rest of the culture at large.  They are simply choices I make for my life as I am led by the Lord.  And the same is true for you.

There is freedom in that.

Let any criticism or misunderstanding fly to the wind. It is all just noise, anyway.

Because “If God is for us, who can be against us” (Romans 8:31).  Right?!

So go organic.  Or buy Chef Boyardee.  Take that trip to Cozumel.  Or enjoy the comforts of home.  Follow Dave Ramsey.  Or follow your grandmother’s sage advice.  Plant a church.  Or dig in at your current “dated” church.  Homeschool your kid.  Or put your kid in your local public school.  Whatever.

Just don’t do any of that expecting perfection.  Ain’t gonna happen.  It’s a myth.  And if you go down that road looking for it, you’ll get lost.

The only perfect system is God’s Kingdom, and if we seek to join God’s work in building that (fumbling along the way) then we will always land in the right place.  Because, “the grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever” Isaiah 40:8.  Now there is something that needs no fixing.


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