How I Met Your Father



One day when I am exiting a mid-life crisis and my kids are old enough to ask me the REALLY tough questions, I will have to answer a question that isn’t really tough, but more or less on the awkward side of things.  I will one day have to tell them how I met their father.

So, before you jump to conclusions and assume that I met Travis at a clown convention- it’s not that weird.

I met him on the Internet.

Okay, so it’s weird.

Let me explain…

Kids, I met your father through an online dating site called Eharmony.   crickets….chirp…chirp…  But first, your daddy friended me on Facebook.  And before that we met at school at some point, which I did not recollect upon being matched on Eharmony, and didn’t realize until we actually met in person and discovered that when we met he was seeing someone else so I wouldn’t have been interested in him anyway.

You see, I forgot that I ever met your father, kids.

Once I realized when I did originally meet him, I already loved him, and all of the details in between school and the altar were just evidence of God’s providence.  Your father sought me out, and I didn’t even know it.  Man if I did!  I would just “happen” to be walking by that hallway where his class lets out, and I would make sure to be by the library after lunch on Tuesdays, because he is usually there doing research for his dissertation on that day.  I would “help” God in His will for my life the best I can.  You’re welcome, God.

After graduation I moved to Miami to teach.  Your daddy didn’t know that.  He went to my former church in Kentucky for a church planting support raising thing thinking he would see me there, and I was gone.  Our chance to be together in his mind was well, “you can just hang it in the wind.”

I dated off and on in Miami.  My grandfather Pappy before he passed seriously suggested that I try Eharmony.  After Pappy went home to be with Jesus I decided to give Eharmony a whirl.  About three months into my subscription (I mean, how weird!…I blush) I won your daddy!  Ha!  Jackpot!  Your daddy was the first and only dating relationship I had with little to no drama.  Everyone who knows him knows this- what you see is what you get.  Period.

Dating your dad was easy- he made it that way.  No fuss, no games- he was the perfect gentleman.  And being married to him is just the best.  You all know how I can get a bit, how shall we say…high strung?  Yeah, well you know your dad cools me off and calms me down.  We even each other out, I guess.  There was a time before we had you kids that he almost fell asleep at the wheel- I saved his life!  And then there was that time that I woke up in the morning to find baby squirrels asleep by our fireplace and I freaked out and called your dad to come and save my life!  (I thought they were rats at the time…don’t judge).  We were made for each other.

The point is that it does not really matter how I met your father.  What matters is that I did, and that God knew who I needed to share my life with and just when he would need to come and whisk me away.  No one makes me laugh more than your daddy…and I really do hate it when he makes me laugh when I am mad.  Argh!!

I can’t think of a braver, stronger, sweeter man than your dad.  I love how he is not afraid to cry when his heart is touched and how he loves his family and South Carolinian roots.  I have forgiven him for singing the Dukes of Hazard theme song when I was in labor with you, Kara.  He’s just a good ‘ole boy after all.  I admit that I get a little fired up during football season when Clemson is playing.  Orange is now my favorite color.  I will not forget that night at The Palace on Canal Street when your daddy and I talked about marriage for the first time, or the loft where he proposed to me.  I do hope to forget the foul state of what is known by our friends as “The Man Pad.”  Men are gross.  That is why they need to get married…for the sanitation of their dear lives.  Gracious!

Kids, I am glad I met your father.  I am especially glad that he is your father, and you are our kids.  God is so good like that- to show off and make ridiculous moves to show that this is HIS doing- that the meeting and marrying of two people are a work of His that could not have happened any other way.  My prayer for you, kids, is to wait upon the Lord, don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t settle- believe in the BEST in God to do HIS BEST for you!

a smooch                     santa baby                      227475_1038600499214_1034_n                    riding scooter in Roatan  Mardi Gras


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