At A Glance 3/24

Here are some interesting reads from the past couple of weeks that you may find helpful:

1.  “Lead for the Future, Not From the Past,” by Chuck Lawless

Leadership is a present-tense task, in that others are looking to us today to provide vision, encouragement, and support. Too many leaders, though, face present-tense challenges while living more in yesterday than today.

2.  “Lead from the Heart, Love Your People,” by Selma Wilson

Does it matter that you love your people?  Does it matter that you lead from your heart?  I believe it will be the single most significant thing you do as a leader.  In fact, I believe you have no equity to lead unless you love your people.  Leading from the heart is required of all spiritual leaders.  No matter the place of leadership (in the home, on a team, a ministry area, pastor, or a large organization), at the heart of leadership is the gospel and the heart of the gospel is love.

3.  “4 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me in My Twenties,” by Jeff Goins

“Just one big idea. One big idea, and we can change the world.”

I made the mistake of uttering those words in the back seat of a car many years ago in the company of some older, wiser colleagues. We were racing from one meeting to the next, and I, the token twentysomething, was trying to divert attention away from work to a more exciting subject. Dreams.

Rattling off recent causes and businesses that had suddenly exploded, I marveled at the power of big ideas. It was, apparently, all you needed to change the world—and make a million dollars.

One of my colleagues smiled as I went on and on about the power of creativity. He eventually burst into laughter saying, “Really?! You think that’s all it takes? A big idea? You’ve got a lot to learn.”

Here are some bloggers who I am really enjoying lately:

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