Welcome to Give. Grow. Lead!

WelcomeWelcome and Happy New Year!  It is a new year and a new blog for me.  Well, it’s not really all that new- just more focused, which I explain here.  I’ll cut to the chase.  This blog is all about leading.  If you noticed the header statement that “Everybody leads Somebody” then you get an idea of where this blog is going.

As a leader, specifically as a leader who has recently transitioned into motherhood, I am interested in how influence works, personal growth, and meaningful investment.  How can I properly cast vision?  What is the best way to communicate ideas to those I’m leading?  When is it time to shift strategies in order to align more with the vision?  How can I properly delegate responsibilities to others in order to empower rather than burden them?  Perhaps you have asked yourself similar questions.  Or maybe you are also like me with littles at home and you are like, “What is the best method to get all three kids to nap at the same time?!”  or more seriously, “How can I foster a culture of compassion in my home?”

Give. Grow. Lead. is for you.  It is for me.  I will share personal stories, leadership principles, and conversation starters.  This is not an advice column or an online rant.  This is more like a forum for sharing ideas, lessons learned, and stories along the way.  I hope this will be a community for authentic engagement where you and I can grow together as leaders.  I want to hear what you are learning while leading.

And trust me, you are a leader.  There is a difference between having a propensity to lead and needing to lead.  There are those who are naturally gifted to lead, and then there are the rest of us who lead, but may or may not have the innate skills to effectively lead.  So, this is why there is Give. Grow. Lead.

We give.

We give our time, resources, energy.  We give ourselves.

We grow.

We are led.  We are led by those who have walked ahead of us. We are led by principles that have shaped us. We make mistakes and then learn from them.  We aim to be better than we were yesterday.  As Paul said, “Forgetting what lies behind, and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Philippians 3:13).

We lead.

We lead those we work with.  We lead those we live with.  We may even lead those we live around without even knowing it.  Leaders are essentially influencers.  We may influence others for good or for ill.  This is a weighty thing, but it is not an alone thing.  We lead as we are led by God and as we remain humble accepting wise counsel and admitting when we are wrong.

We lead for others, not for ourselves. We lead for those who come after us.  We lead even when no one else is beside us (yes, leading is lonely at times).  When the stakes are high, but the task is too great to abandon, we rely on our Maker and give it all we’ve got.  We give.  We grow.  We lead.  Let’s go!




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